Campus and travel safety


We're making sure your travel to and around campus is as safe as possible:

  • We encourage you to cycle if you can

  • We have over 5,000 cycle parking spaces and dedicated cycle routes

  • Our Inter-campus Travel Guide (PDF , 821kb) gives you estimated cycle and walking times across campus

  • The First York App lets you see how busy buses are and how many seats are available

Welcoming all our staff back to campus

Many members of our staff community have been working away from campus since March 2020. We're moving towards a refreshed, hybrid way of working for staff and a vibrant campus that is ready to support a full new academic year from September 2021. Establishing this new way of working will take time and will evolve, and we will continue to listen, learn and reflect as we progress.

We look forward to seeing more staff working on campus over the summer. During the quieter summer months we're taking a measured and gradual approach to staff returning. This will enable us to think through how our new remote working policy will apply in our individual teams.

Find out more about our plans for staff to reconnect on campus.

We've also put together health and wellbeing resources for staff, including guidance on working remotely.

Face coverings

Face coverings can make a real difference in limiting the transmission of Covid-19.

When you wear one, you protect the people around you, just as they protect you by wearing theirs.

Our new Face Coverings policy strongly recommends the use of face coverings when moving around buildings, including communal areas, and areas where there are likely to be high numbers or concentrations of people.

While wearing a face covering is not compulsory, there are circumstances where wearing one is appropriate, and we expect everyone to be supportive and respectful of others' preferences.

Other safety measures

You will continue to find comprehensive preventative measures across campus, including provision of hand sanitiser and protective screens.

All ventilation systems are configured to provide maximum intake of air from outside.

Airing rooms is important as it reduces the number of infectious aerosols in the air. Simple actions like opening windows regularly throughout the day, especially when you share a space with others, and making sure that mechanical ventilation systems and kitchen and bathroom extractor fans are used correctly, will reduce your risk.

Room information posters show room configurations and maximum number of occupants.


The Security team are available 24/7 and have access to the majority of spaces on campus.

If for any reason a member of staff or a student needs access to a locked building please contact Security on 01904 32 4444 before coming to campus to request access.