Covid-19 case data

The chart below shows the number of reported positive staff and students Covid-19 cases at the University of York, including a seven day rolling average from September 2020 to current.

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How to read this chart

  • The Y axis shows the number of positive cases notified to the University. The X axis shows the date.

  • Each bar represents the total reported Covid-19 cases for a particular date. The orange section of the bar represents the number of positive student cases. The blue section of the bar shows the number of positive staff cases.

  • By default the chart shows student cases in York only. The filter at the top right can be used to also include student cases outside of York.

  • The red line indicates the seven day rolling average, calculated as the mean average of all cases for each date and the preceding six days. Note that the rolling average line is not modified when the Student cases isolating in or out of York filter is changed. It's a rolling average of all staff and student cases in all locations.

  • Use the dropdown boxes at the top of the chart to select a different date range to view.

For context, we have around 4,500 members of staff and a student body of around 20,000 at the University of York.

How is this data collected?

The figures are based on our current reporting arrangements with City of York Council and local public health teams. They are based on cases reported to us via our self-isolation reporting forms for students and staff, where those individuals have subsequently been tested and confirmed to have the virus. As of 26 October 2020, we report our Covid-19 cases data in alignment with our reporting to the Office for Students. We report data each week to reflect the previous week’s new cases.

Other sources of information about the number of cases in York and the surrounding area may show some variance from the figure above. This is because data published, for example by City of York Council or YorkMix, may be updated on a weekly basis and aggregated by month, or based on cases confirmed in geographic regions of the city by the NHS or other data sources. Variance may also exist because some members of our University community live outside of the geographic regions covered by other data sources.

Self-isolating student or member of staff? Let us know.

If you:

  • have Covid-19 symptoms

  • have tested positive for Covid-19 or share a household with someone who has

  • are currently self-isolating

  • are asked to self-isolate by NHS track and trace

  • have travelled to England from outside the UK.

You should let us know about it, so that we can provide the necessary help and support.