Studying at York 2022/23

After the difficulties of the past few years, we'd like to reassure you that, no matter how you begin your student journey, we'll be here to support you and warmly welcome you into our community.

Term dates

Our term dates are now available for our 2022/23 academic year.

We have welcome weeks for Postgraduate and Undergraduate students at the beginning of term. We encourage all new students to attend as these welcome weeks are an important introduction to the University, campus and city.

Life on campus

Our priority is to ensure you enjoy an enriching and engaging experience, whilst maintaining the safety and welfare of the community without social distancing.

When we returned to on-campus activities in 2021, we considered room and venue capacity, and in some instances made changes to lecture format and seminar group size. We ensured that there were key safety measures in place on campus and we updated our policy on face coverings.

We also introduced additional safety measures for accommodation and offered campus testing and vaccination centres to all our students and staff.

As we move forward, we will continue to follow government guidelines to do everything we can to make our campus a safe and enjoyable place to live and study.

Student support

Our response to Covid-19 has been recognised with a Times Higher Education University of the Year Award nomination.

To help our students through the unprecedented times, we introduced additional supportive measures:

our Emergency Student Support Fund (ESSF) supports students who need immediate financial support as a consequence of the pandemic with a bursary of up to £500

we've spent £2 million on Open Door (our team of Mental Health practitioners) and disability services

self-isolation support packs were made available to all students and included activity packs and food supplies

Moving forward, we will continue to support our students through our network of support services to help you get the best from your time at York.

Hear from our students

Find out how our students have been adapting to university life during the pandemic:

"Since Covid-19, the University of York has used all its tools to allow students to experience a sense of community in many different ways. One of them has been through the availability of shared spaces, allowing you to feel comfortable with yourself and others." - Daniela. Read more.

"During Covid-19 times, adapting to changes and being resilient is one of the challenging skills that I have improved. Because this term was unique and the environment surrounding us is frequently changing, and learning this new ability has given me more strength and reliability to keep control when things dramatically change." - Majd. Read more.

"The people I have met during my time in York and the activities I’ve enjoyed with them have greatly helped and made an uncertain time very worthwhile." - Grace. Read more.