Covid Keeps

Capturing positive changes

There can be no doubt that the pandemic has set us some extraordinary challenges to overcome, but we have also seen innovation, new ways of working and an opportunity to do things differently.

Covid Keeps are the positive changes you’ve experienced.

We are creating a way of sharing these, and learning from each other, to help us all understand more about what we’ve been able to achieve and why - so we can keep it.

Covid Keeps community forum

We have created a space for staff to share their Covid Keeps with each other. It's a place where people can post questions, contribute ideas, and give feedback to each other.

It’s a way of starting a conversation about what’s important and capturing what our community thinks we might benefit from in the longer term.

We will keep this forum open for March and April 2021, after which it will be reviewed.

You might have ideas about ways of working, digital culture or how you have created different ways of supporting research, teaching and the student experience. Start the conversation by thinking about:

  • What have you learnt over the last year that you may want to keep?

  • What have been the benefits and the ‘good parts’ of what we have experienced?

  • What elements do we want to stay part of our everyday culture and working practices?

How does it work?

We have set up the Slack community forum as a designated space for this conversation.

You can suggest your own Covid Keep or take part in a thread discussion if you want to share good practice.

Use the thumbs up function if you particularly like someone else’s suggestion. This is a good way of showing which positive benefits are getting traction.

How do I take part?

Add your suggestion to the Slack #covid-keeps channel.

If you are new to Slack, take a look at IT's guide to How to use Slack and Logging in and getting started with Slack. If you're having trouble opening the channel from the link, please open Slack and use the search bar to search for covid-keeps.

I don’t use Slack, how can I contribute?

We know some staff are not on Slack, so we have created another way to submit your Covid Keep.

Fill in this Google Form.

You do not need to give your name. Your entry will be presented as a suggestion 'from a colleague'.

In this form, you can choose to either:

  • forward your suggestion into the Slack channel (where other people can see it and might respond)

  • record your suggestion for the Covid Keeps admin team only. It will be included in information gathered to help inform the development of our guidance, policies and advice about future ways of working.

We encourage you to post your suggestion to the Slack channel, as we want ideas to generate feedback and prompt conversations.

What if I want my suggestion to be confidential?

For confidential or personally sensitive issues, please talk to your line manager or you can contact colleagues directly in HR.

Who runs the Covid Keeps community?

It’s one of the first times we’ve created a University-wide place to have a conversation like this - it’s run by you, our community, so we can all learn by listening to different perspectives on the same topic.

How will the University use the community discussion?

First and foremost, this forum is for staff to use and to draw from, to help inspire and share ideas and best practice with each other.

But listening to this community discussion will also help us understand the motivations and rationale behind why you want to keep these changes and the benefits.

This will help inform the development of our guidance, policies and our longer-term thinking about how to integrate Covid Keeps into our ways of working.

This forum is for sharing positive ideas and good practice. Please respect the views of others when engaging with the community.

If you have a complaint about something affecting your work, please address it via the appropriate channels in your department.