Information for current students

We are updating these pages as the situation develops so please check them regularly.

Key information

  • All teaching for the remainder of this academic year will be delivered online and no in-person exams or assessments will take place this academic year. See the teaching, learning, assessment and progression page for details.
  • Students can cancel University accommodation contracts for the summer term. See the Rents and payments section on the accommodation page for details.
  • We have launched an Emergency Student Support Fund for students facing unanticipated financial challenges. See support fund details below.

The rest of this page and additional pages linked below have full details and lots more information.

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Facilities, services and events

  • Student support services including Open Door, College team and Student Hub will continue via email, video chat or telephone, but may be operating at reduced capacity. If you need support or advice, please remember the student wellbeing web pages or continue to contact the Student Hub.
  • Most on-campus facilities are closed while others are operating a reduced service. For details, see campus facilities
  • IT Support is closed on campus but will continue to be available via email and phone as normal.
  • Graduation has been postponed. We are still determined that final year students progress and will be conferred with their degrees. Precisely how we will do this is now being thought through and we will let students know more details in due course
  • The Roses tournament and Summer Ball have been cancelled

Self-isolation and illness

If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home or in your University accommodation and follow the government's guidance

What you need to do:

Please inform the Student Hub by filling in the student self-isolation form.

The information you provide will be shared with relevant teams within the University to support you, including your academic department. If you have any problems completing the form, please email

We will use this information to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our students and to inform our support and teaching contingency plans.

Advice on self-isolation and 'staying at home' in shared accommodation

If you are living in shared accommodation the new guidance is for the household to self-isolate for 14 days. Should one person later show symptoms, then you will need to self-isolate for a further 7 days from that point.

What you need to do

Please inform the Student Hub by filling in the student self-isolation form.

The information you provide will be shared with relevant teams within the University to support you, including your academic department. If you have any problems completing the form, please email

Staying safe

Please see our guidance on self-isolating or 'staying at home' in shared accommodation

If you are not well enough to do assessments

You should follow the standard procedure and apply for exceptional circumstances.

The measures being taken to respond to COVID-19 are, by definition, exceptional. In the light of this, the University has taken the extraordinary decision to allow self-certification of impact for exceptional circumstances.

If you have a dependent who has been advised to self-isolate

If you have a dependant (eg your child, or an adult who you care for) who needs to be self-isolated please contact your department and/or the Student Hub to discuss and/or register your circumstances.

As the University moves to teaching online you may be able to continue with your studies remotely. If not the Student Hub can discuss your options.

International students

If you are able to travel home, bearing in mind government advice on travel restrictions, teaching is now moving online so if you are unable to return after the vacation you will not be penalised.

If you are unable to travel home, we will continue to offer you support to remain in York. If you need to extend your University accommodation, or if you live off campus and need a University room, please contact the Accommodation team:

Information for Tier 4 students

The University will not be curtailing sponsorship for any Tier 4 student not returning to the UK for the Summer term, and we will not ask students to complete the re-enrolment activity. You don’t need to request an early departure or a change in study location. You should have already been contacted to provide additional information through e:vision to let us know your plans for the Summer term.

If you need a new CAS to extend your current visa, you can still request this through e:vision as normal.

If you are unable to access e:vision, but have access to email, please contact for advice.

If your visa is due to expire and you are unable to return home as planned, the UKVI have noted that all visas can be extended until 31 May 2020. You will need to register for this extension by contacting the Coronavirus Immigration Team (CIT)

The latest UKVI guidance for visa holders can be found on their website: COVID-19 Advice for Visa Applicants and Temporary Residents

Please contact International Student Support on if you:

  • are concerned about your visa expiring before returning home
  • need to apply for a visa in a different category (they will advise you on how you can do this without returning to your country of residence)

Accessing University systems from another country

In most countries you can access all University systems, including email. If you are having difficulty, try connecting to the University VPN service or the Virtual Desktop Service first.

Contacting the University if you can't access your University email

If your only way of contacting the University is by expensive phone calls, please contact the International Student Support Team who will arrange to call you back. If you cannot use your University email, either telephone +44 (0) 1904 324140 to request a return call, or use a personal email account and send to

Placements and studying abroad

If you are currently on a study/work placement abroad

With the speed at which events are unfolding, we are now issuing the same advice that has been given to students on our York campus - that is, that we strongly advise that all students return to their home residence.

You will be aware from media reports that many national borders are closing and that air travel is scaling back globally. You will also be aware that a number of European states have introduced significant limits on social interaction including major restrictions on domestic travel.

Let us know your status and plans by emailing as soon as possible. If you incur additional costs related to making alternative arrangements to return home, the University will assist with travel insurance claims and will reimburse you for any reasonable additional costs.

On the academic front, should you no longer be able to continue with your studies at your host institution (even with remote study and online teaching and assessment), we will provide alternative arrangements so there will be no detriment to your studies.

You should also be in regular contact with your departmental international officer to keep them informed of your status and ensure your travel log is up to date.

Please email with any queries.

If you have a planned summer placement

We take your health and safety very seriously, and our top priority is that you remain safe and well. We strongly urge any students planning to travel to areas affected by travel restrictions or heightened alerts to consider carefully whether that travel is essential. Please monitor the Government advice and keep in touch with your placement organisers.


Emergency funding for students facing unanticipated financial challenges

With thanks to our community of donors from alumni, friends and supporters of the York Unlimited philanthropic campaign, we have launched an Emergency Student Support Fund (COVID-19).

This will provide financial support of up to £500 (per applicant) for students facing unanticipated financial challenges. We are releasing funding in several rounds in order to ensure that those in most need are able to receive the assistance that they require. The fund will help students with housing and food costs, travel expenses, technology costs associated with online learning, and other financial challenges. Please see our application form for details of eligibility and how to apply.

Student Loan Company (SLC) funding for next term

The SLC have confirmed that students will receive their scheduled or next instalment of their maintenance loan at the planned start of their summer term, regardless of whether their university has made alternative arrangements for teaching.

The Department for Education (DfE) has also launched a new helpline to answer questions related to education. Staff, parents and students can contact the helpline by telephone (800 046 8687) or email

The helpline is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Your student loan if you take Leave of Absence

The University will inform Student Finance of any break in study. This will mean any future payments that were due to be made to you are put on hold until you resume your studies.


If you live on campus, please see our information on University accommodation. Students living in private-sector accommodation should refer to the information below

For those of you remaining in your student accommodation you should now stay where you are and not attempt to travel. You should follow Government guidelines and stay home while current restrictions are in force.

If you need further advice on private tenancies please contact the Student Support and Advice team via their online self-referral form. A Student Adviser will aim to respond to you within three working days.

Ending a private tenancy agreement if you no longer need it or are unable to return to York

You should inform your landlord/housing provider if you are no longer currently residing in the property. It may also be possible to negotiate a shorter tenancy or to move the dates of your agreement due to the circumstances. However, there is no legal obligation for a landlord/housing provider to release tenants from contracts because of the current situation.

Please note that if you are in a joint tenancy all members of that tenancy would have to agree to a change in contract.

The UK charity Shelter have provided some useful housing advice for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are struggling to afford rent payments due to the current situation

In the first instance you should contact your landlord/housing provider to discuss your situation. You may be able to negotiate either a temporary reduction in rent or arrange payments for a later date. The UK Government has announced that buy-to-let landlords can request a 3-month “mortgage holiday” which may allow them to be lenient with rent payments.

New legislation also means that landlords will not be able to begin eviction proceedings for three months. If you are ever threatened with eviction however, please contact a member of the Student Support and Advice team.

Please note that if you are in a joint tenancy all members of that tenancy would have to agree to change in contract.

For financial assistance, you may also be eligible for the University’s COVID-19 emergency fund

Additional contacts

To report that you're self-isolating or for support queries, contact the Student Hub.

For enquiries about visas, contact the International Student Support team.

For University accommodation questions see our accommodation guidance and contact

For other enquiries relating to University life, please email

In an emergency on campus, ring Security on 01904 323333.