Stay smart, supportive
and safe

The health and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors is our first priority at all times. Lots of work has gone into making our campus and facilities covid-secure. Every one of us has a role to play in keeping ourselves - and those around us - as safe as possible.

We're asking you to:

  • Stay smart by taking responsibility to understand and keep up-to-date with the safety guidance

  • Stay supportive by looking after ourselves and each other, to collectively help support a safe community for us all

  • Stay safe by taking the steps detailed on this page including filling in the appropriate form if you need to self-isolate for any reason

End of term arrangements

Working with the UK Government and the NHS we're offering free rapid results covid testing to students with no symptoms who plan to leave York for other parts of the UK. If you're able to, we're advising you to leave York between Thursday 3 December and Wednesday 9 December in line with the Government's travel window.

We're also still here to support you if you choose to remain in York over the winter break.

Current restrictions

The University is still operating during the lockdown in England as Government guidance allows you to travel/leave your home for the purposes of education. We will continue to provide a blend of online and in-person teaching, as well as library and support services, and we'll continue to keep you updated.

The University moved to the Department for Education (DfE) Tier 2 on Monday 2 November.

Looking ahead to spring term 2021

As we approach the end of this term, we're looking ahead to next year.

  • Unless the government advises otherwise, the Spring term will begin as planned on 11 January 2021, initially continuing with the current blend of online and in-person teaching and learning. We hope to increase the proportion of in-person teaching you will receive.

  • We're looking at how we can provide quiet spaces for you to study and take online exams, so that you have an alternative to your study bedroom or shared accommodation.

  • Social and sporting activities will restart as soon as it is safe to do so. We also hope to be able to reopen social spaces on campus, like the Forest.

  • We'll continue to support you and your wellbeing - your college team, the Student Hub, the Open Door team and Togetherall will be there if you need them. The Emergency Student Support Fund will be continued for students who need immediate financial support.

For more on our plans for the upcoming term, watch 'A message about plans for Spring Term 2021' or read the email sent to all students on Thursday 19 November.

Find out about

Making the most of lockdown life

Fun things to do, ideas for keeping busy and entertained and ways to be proactive while it's all a bit different.

Lockdown rules and restrictions

Familiarise yourself with the rules and restrictions in our area, so that you can keep compliant.

Self isolation advice and guidance

All you need to know about self-isolating; how to let us know and the services on offer to help you.

Recent emails, updates and messages

Keep up to date on the emails and messages we're sending out to our staff and students.

Student self-isolation form

If you have either: Covid-19 symptoms, tested positive or share a household with someone who has, are asked to by track and trace, or travelled to the UK from a non-exempt country, fill in this form.

Staff reporting self-isolation

If you are a staff member and have either: tested positive for Covid-19, are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have entered self isolation, you should let us know about it.

Maintain a covid-secure campus

Seen something on campus that doesn't seem covid-secure? Whether it's about social distancing, an unsafe room layout, or missing signage or sanitiser, report it here.

Additional information for


Coronavirus information and resouces for staff: covid-secure measures, teaching, learning, assessment and wellbeing.

Current students

Important coronavirus information for students: teaching and learning, support and services available and messages from the Vice-Chanellor.

Postgraduate researchers

Information for all research students, supervisors, graduate research administrators and other staff supporting our PG researchers.

Prospective students

Concerned about Covid-19 and the potential impact on your application to the University of York? We want to reassure you that it will be okay.

Current confirmed cases

Updated Monday to Friday.

As of the morning of Friday 27 November, we are aware of 48 individuals within our University community who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive Covid-19 test.

Since our previous update on Thursday 26 November we have been notified of 11 new cases, which are included in the total figure above.

We have around 4,500 members of staff and a student body of around 18,000.

The figures above are based on our current reporting arrangements with City of York Council and local public health teams. They are based on cases reported to us via our self-isolation reporting forms for students and staff, where those individuals have subsequently been tested and confirmed to have the virus. As of 26 October 2020, we report our Covid-19 cases data in alignment with our reporting to the Office for Students. We report data each morning to reflect the previous day’s new cases (and on Mondays to reflect Friday through Sunday).

Other sources of information about the number of cases in York and the surrounding area may show some variance from the figure above. This is because data published, for example by City of York Council or YorkMix, may be updated on a weekly basis and aggregated by month, or based on cases confirmed in geographic regions of the city by the NHS or other data sources. Variance may also exist because some members of our University community live outside of the geographic regions covered by other data sources.


Individuals who have reported being affected will be self-isolating in line with Government guidance and we have additional self-isolation guidance for students.

Anyone who has been identified as being in contact with an affected person and needs to take action themselves will be contacted via track and trace mechanisms if they need to self-isolate.

Additional contacts

For most queries, please contact your department in the first instance, or use the following email addresses: