Current restrictions:
the basics

On Monday 22 February the Prime Minister announced the Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions in England, which will take effect from Monday 8 March. Find out more below about current restrictions.

We’re all in this together - sticking to the UK government's rules is an essential part of protecting yourself and other people. Many students and staff in our community have health considerations that make them vulnerable, or have caring responsibilities for vulnerable people. We can all do our bit to keep them safe by following the guidance, and staying smart, supportive and safe.

What you can do

  • Attend any timetabled in-person teaching or learning activity.

  • Socialise inside within your household - you don’t need to keep your distance, wear a mask or limit the number of people.

  • Meet or exercise in a public outdoor space alone, with your household, or with one other person once per day

  • Access the usual Library resources, or book a place to study on campus.

  • Go shopping for essential items - for example food, medicine and essential household supplies.

  • Order takeaways for delivery or collection.

  • Attend places of worship for a service.

  • Form a support bubble with another household if you're living in a single person household off-campus.

For all of the above apart from forming a support bubble you should continue to maintain social distancing with people outside your household. You should also reduce the number of journeys you make where possible.

What you can't do

  • Invite anyone else from outside of your household into your halls of residence or private accommodation.

  • Gather in mixed household groups indoors (including houses, colleges and study spaces), unless as part of an in-person, scheduled seminar or tutorial.

  • Meet in mixed household groups in public outdoor spaces - except if it’s just you and one other person meeting to exercise

  • Meet anyone outside your household in private gardens.

  • Attend or hold house parties with people from another household.

  • Use indoor leisure and sports facilities - including gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools and sports courts.

If you don’t follow the rules

We're encouraging everyone in the University of York community to take responsibility for their actions and stay smart, supportive and safe - not only for their own wellbeing but that of others too.

If you don't follow the rules you could receive a fine from North Yorkshire Police of at least £200 and potentially up to £10,000. In extreme cases you could also be prosecuted and face an even greater fine imposed by a court.

If you're found to have broken the rules University disciplinary procedures will also apply.

Reporting issues

Spotted someone behaving in a way you don't feel comfortable with? We’ve put together some advice on what to do when someone isn’t following the rules. If you can, raise it directly with the person involved - they may just have forgotten or misunderstood the guidance. If you want to discuss how to raise a concern, try talking it through with your friends or, if you are a first-year student, with your STYCs (Second and Third Year Contacts). You could also ask for advice from your college, your tutor, student ambassadors, the Students' Union (YUSU), or the Student Hub, depending on the nature of the situation.

If this doesn’t work, or you don’t feel comfortable taking a direct approach, you can also report your concerns about another student anonymously using the University’s Report and Support tool.

For practical issues like empty hand sanitiser dispensers, fill in our University Covid Safety Form.