Friday 18 June 2021

All UG students email

Subject Covid-19 update: take care with increase in cases

Dear students,

I am sorry to say we have seen a further increase in positive cases of Covid-19 amongst our students in York. Restrictions eased on 17 May and as a result, we expected there would be a small rise in cases. But yesterday and today, we have seen a notable increase (a mix of on and off campus).

Each and everyone of us needs to take care, and take responsibility for our actions.

For students in York, it is understandable that, as the term comes to an end, you want to spend time with friends before returning home. I urge you to continue with regular testing, and following the guidelines of hands, face, space and fresh air, to help look after each other and break any chain of transmission.

For those heading home soon, we encourage you to get tested before you travel. In fact, you should test as soon as possible so that you have time to adjust your travel plans and isolate in the event of a positive result. If you test negative, you should test again three days later.

If you do test positive, it is really important that you isolate and complete the self-isolation reporting form, so that we can help stop any onward transmission, and provide you - and any other members of our community isolating with you - with the full support package:

  • A Morrisons voucher or equivalent, to the value of £40 to be spent on food if you are isolating on-campus (self-catered) or in off-campus accommodation


A Morrisons voucher or equivalent, to the value of £10 to be spent on food for those isolating on-campus on a catered package

  • A £40 e-voucher per student that can be spent at retailers including Google Play, Spotify, Just Eat, Sky Store, Deliveroo, and others

  • Cleaning materials made available for those living on campus

  • Welfare checks on self-isolating students by the Colleges

Once again, I know you want to socialise and celebrate with friends as the academic year draws to a close, but we especially encourage this to happen outside in the fresh air, where it is more difficult for the virus to be passed on, and avoid parties indoors where transmission is more likely. Please also consider limiting the number of people you come into contact with while our cases of covid are increasing - socialising in smaller groups, and limiting mixing between household groups will help protect you and other members of our community.

This is about taking care of yourself, other students and staff, as well as your family and friends if you are heading home soon. Keep looking after each other, thank you.

As of today, people aged 18 and over in England are being invited to book their first Covid-19 jab. I strongly encourage you to consider taking up the offer of an NHS covid vaccination as soon as you can, wherever you can.

Best wishes and enjoy a safe end of term.

Wayne Campbell

Academic Registrar