Friday 27 November 2020

All student email

Additional covid test dates

Dear student,

Good news - I am pleased to announce that we have been able to extend rapid results testing for another week up to and including Friday 11 December.

These free tests are available for all students, including postgraduate researchers, who do not have any Covid-19 symptoms. The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) advice is for students to take two tests, three days apart and (if possible) to travel within 24 hours of the second negative test.

An impressive 5000 test slots have been booked already but there are plenty left. Appointments are now available from Monday 30 November right through to 6pm on Friday 11 December.

Remember, the University will not have access to your test result and testing is completely voluntary. Having said that, I strongly encourage you to get tested as it will help reduce the risk to your loved ones.

Read all the information on the End of term Covid-19 testing web page and book your tests.

Travelling abroad

Please be aware that rapid results testing is not adequate for anyone booked on an international flight and who needs a ‘fit to travel’ certificate, take a look at our travel advice.

Staying in York or going home for the holidays

Earlier this week I emailed and asked you to complete an e:Vision task to tell us where you will be over the winter break. If you have not already completed this task, please do so. If you are staying in York, take a look at the range of services and activities available on campus.

I recognise that there have been a lot of emails this week and a lot to take in. I appreciate your patience and perseverance. There is a lot to do and communicate as we come to the end of term. You will undoubtedly hear from me again very soon.

Best wishes

Wayne Campbell

Academic Registrar