Friday 9 October 2020

All staff email

Covid-19 update Friday 9 Oct 2020 - a call for support

Dear Colleagues,

A brief note for Friday. We are anticipating both local and national updates about potential new restrictions for parts of England, but until this becomes clearer, I want to send you two quick links.

The first one is the latest information on our student support package that we are sharing with students who are self-isolating.

We’ve summarised the support in our self-isolation guidance (as a reminder, there is also a lot of staff information hosted on this website).

This guidance includes advice about when students need to self-isolate, tips for looking after wellbeing, details of academic and IT support, and how we can help provide essentials like food, drink and other supplies.

If you are in a position to do so, please do share this with students with our message: we are here to help. Self-isolation is a community-spirited act intended to safeguard others, so it’s important we offer the care and support needed.

We will be updating these pages as we evolve this package of measures, which leads to my second link - we are seeking staff supporters to help in practical ways, should we need to scale up this effort.

Staff who feel they can help, such as taking phone calls or processing requests for assistance, can follow this link to register interest.

This is about ensuring we can, if necessary, manage high demand at any one point if we see more students needing to self-isolate. We want to be able to mobilise quickly in case we need to do this at short notice.

Thank you. I know we are exceptionally busy, but if you feel you can spare any time, I hope this provides a useful way to channel our community efforts.

Best wishes,