Thursday 26 August 2021

All UG students email

Important: Teaching and learning for Autumn Term

Dear students,

Welcome back to many of you, and hello to all the new students joining us.

I'm the Vice-Chancellor and President at York, here to lead the University and support our incredible community of staff and students.

I share regular email and video updates, which has been especially important throughout the pandemic, making sure you are aware of key decisions and advice.

Autumn Term 2021

We are very much looking forward to Autumn Term.

All academic departments will be offering in-person teaching and learning from the start of term (for most, this is Monday 27 September 2021). All students who are able to get to York, should plan for a return to campus for the first day of their term.

For international students whose travel is restricted, we will continue to offer online provision where we can for the first six weeks of Autumn Term. Some courses require in-person teaching from the start due to Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies requirements, but we expect that students will be here on campus as soon as possible across all courses, and by Sunday 7 November at the latest. We will contact you again soon to find out when you plan to get to York, so we can coordinate arrivals.

What to expect on campus

Many of our plans for the Autumn Term have been made possible by the success of the Covid vaccine rollout in the UK. We are asking our staff and students to get vaccinated if they can, as soon as they can.

While many UK covid-restrictions have been lifted, we will still manage many aspects of day-to-day life carefully and we expect you all to play your part. We have safety measures on campus, testing will remain important, and we strongly recommend you consider the welfare of others by continuing to wear a mask in busy indoor spaces.

We know that we are all coming to this situation with very different viewpoints, concerns and expectations. Thank you for respecting and following these covid-aware measures, which will help keep us all safe and help protect those most vulnerable in our community.

New students

For our new students, there will be lots of updates over the coming weeks from our Colleges, Departments and our Student Unions, to help you make the most of your time with York.

Our accommodation teams will also be in touch to confirm arrangements. We are extending our welcome programme to have a 'rolling welcome' spread out over several weeks, so no-one misses out. We look forward to bringing everyone together with a mixture of in-person and online welcome events.

For our students travelling to the UK

In addition to our preparations here at York, the UK's Universities Minister Michelle Donelan has written a letter to all international students, offering some extra guidance and support from the UK government on travelling, vaccinations, and post-study work offers.

We know that some international students have asked us to clarify what online learning will be available for the whole of the Autumn Term, if it remains difficult to travel. We are not offering options to study online for the entire Autumn Term for your undergraduate course. If it is impossible to travel to York during our Autumn Term, please wait for us to get in touch, so that we can discuss options with you.

A warm welcome

Together with University of York Students' Union (YUSU), we look forward to seeing you. Whenever you are able to arrive, we hope you are looking forward to the start of term, being part of our community and enjoying our beautiful campus and City.

In the meantime, I hope you have a good rest of the summer and thank you for your patience as we continue to learn new and exciting ways to support a very enjoyable, inspiring and safe start to the new academic year.

Best wishes