Thursday 26 November 2020

Student email (sent to students on campus and in York)

Important - new restrictions in York and message from Police

Dear student,

New local restrictions (from 2 December)

We have heard today from the government that the City of York will return to Level 2 (Tier 2 - high) when we come out of lockdown on Wednesday 2 December.

This is a gradual step out of lockdown and you can find out more information on the government website. Please familiarise yourself with the guidance.

We know the continued restrictions are difficult, but as a City, we have all worked incredibly hard to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases. Many other parts of the country are facing much stricter measures.

So we need to work hard to continue this good work and follow the new national guidance, in order to give the City the best chance to move down the levels of restrictions, rather than up.

Police message about current national lockdown (until 2 December)

The North Yorkshire Police have contacted the University and asked that we remind students about the national lockdown rules, which still apply for the remainder of this week and through to Wednesday 2 December. They have asked us to advise you of the potential penalties of breaching this Covid-19 legislation.

During the current lockdown period, police have received an increased number of reports and have also encountered students walking the streets returning to their own properties after attending house parties.

We know the majority of our students are following the rules and behaving appropriately. However, if you attend or host a house party with anyone outside your household you are breaking the rules. During lockdown, you can only meet with one person from another household and you must meet outside and keep your distance from one another.

I’m sorry to have to pass on this message but it is important everyone is aware of the possible consequences. Anyone ignoring lockdown restrictions (off campus or on campus) could get a fixed penalty notice (FPN). These start at £200 and double on every offence committed rising to £6,400. Throughout the country, over 20,000 fines have been issued since March 2020. Large parties can also be shut down by the police, with fines of up to £10,000 and in extreme circumstances people have been prosecuted and face an even greater fine imposed by the court.

To reiterate, we know the vast majority of our students are following the rules and behaving appropriately, but we urge you to continue to be careful and considerate.

Best wishes

Dr Wayne Campbell

Academic Registrar