Tuesday 19 January 2021

UG and PGT email (with the exception of distance learners)

Things to know about self-isolation - 19 January 2021

Dear student,

This is the second of our daily covid summaries this week, focusing on self-isolation.

1. Self-isolating is really important to help protect our community

We’re genuinely grateful to everyone who self-isolates when they need to, and to everyone who follows the covid guidance no matter how often it changes. You’re protecting yourself and those around you. Thank you!

2. Self-isolate if you have symptoms or when advised by test and trace teams

If you test positive for Covid-19, or have any Covid-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change of taste or smell) you should self-isolate and book an NHS test.

You should also self-isolate if you’re asked to do so by either the University or NHS Test and Trace, or if you have travelled to the UK from a non-exempt country.

3. It means you can’t leave your home

This might seem obvious, but you have to stay at home while you’re self-isolating (it’s a legal requirement). If you have symptoms, or you’ve tested positive, everyone else in your household will need to stay at home too.

4. We’re here to support with vouchers, food and activity packs

You’re not alone. For all students here in York (including those living off campus) who need to self-isolate, we’ll provide you a package of support, which includes activity packs, food packs, and vouchers for retailers including Google Play, Spotify, Just Eat and Sky Store. Members of your college team will also ring to check in on how you're feeling and your wellbeing. If you need help with shopping, laundry (if you’re on campus) or prescription collection, just ask.

5. Fill in our self-isolation form to access the support

We need to know if you’re self-isolating, even if you’re not in York. Once you fill in the form, we’ll start making arrangements to support you. If you receive your Covid-19 test result after filling out the self-isolation form, make sure you email self-isolation-support@york.ac.uk to let us know.

Watch a quick reminder of the key points on YouTube, and find more information about self-isolation on our website

Best wishes