Tuesday 9June 2020

Student email

Safety net scores released - June 2020

Dear students

As notified in my email of 3 April, the University of York introduced a 'Safety Net' policy this academic year for undergraduate students (2019/20) in order to help mitigate the potential impact of any Covid-19 related disruptions to your assessments. Details of how the safety-net score is determined, and how it will be used, can be found here.

The safety-net scores have now been calculated and are available for you to view on e:Vision. In my 3 April email I said, "You will get to know what this score is prior to the summer assessments" and must therefore apologise that these scores were not available earlier. They required even more careful time and effort than we had expected and we were sure that getting the calculations done accurately was more important than getting them out quickly and risking high numbers of potential errors. Students were notified of the delay on 12 May, but we did not then make clear why we needed the extra time, and I am sorry we did not keep you more fully informed.

As long as you meet the criteria to progress, or complete an undergraduate degree, this year, the safety net score you see is the minimum value that will be used as your 'stage average’ for your current stage of study for the purpose of determining degree classification.

Please note that the safety-net score is based solely on assessments completed prior to 13 March 2020. Any decisions you make about whether or not to sit any outstanding assessments you may have as a result of an exceptional circumstances claim will not affect the score. Also, please note that marks from your current stage, where they have been used in the calculation, will be provisional until ratified by the Board of Examiners. If the assessment marks are changed by your Board of Examiners, your safety net score may change too.

If you suspect that your calculated safety net score isn’t correct, please review the list of marks included in the score as they are listed on your ‘Safety Net Score’ page in e:vision. This should include all assessments that you submitted or completed before 13 March. If there are any marks included that shouldn’t be (or not included that should be), please contact your departmental administrator who can correct the record.

Kind regards,

Prof John Robinson

PVC Teaching, Learning and Students