Be kind.

We have updated the information on these pages in response to the Government's announcing the move to Plan B in England.

The health and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors is our first priority at all times. Every one of us has a role to play in keeping ourselves - and those around us - as safe as possible.

We're asking you to:

  • Protect: by taking proactive steps to keep one another safe.

  • Respect: by having compassion for others and collectively supporting a safe community for us all.

  • Be kind: by looking out for other people and paying particular attention to those struggling or concerned.

Test before you travel

We strongly encourage you to continue testing during the festive season.

If you're leaving York over the winter break, please take LFD tests before leaving and again before travelling back to campus. Make sure you take enough with you - you can collect tests from these places on campus, or from a pharmacy or testing centre.

If you are travelling outside of the UK over the holiday period, or arriving in York for the first time in January, please check the latest Government guidance on testing and self-isolating. Make sure you let us know if you're self-isolating, to unlock our package of support.

Get boosted

If you haven't yet had your booster jab, please make this a priority. Recent data shows that having three vaccine jabs provides better protection against the Omicron variant, while two doses given more than three months ago provides much less protection.

Quick links to information

  • For staff: including covid-secure measures, teaching, learning, assessment and wellbeing.

  • For current students: including teaching and learning, testing and self-isolation guidance and support and services available.

  • Postgraduate researchers: information for all PGRs, supervisors, graduate research administrators and other staff supporting our postgraduate researchers.

  • Prospective students: Concerned about Covid-19 and the potential impact on your application to the University of York? We want to reassure you that it will be okay.

Working on campus

In line with Government guidance, many of our staff are working from home, if they can.

The Department of Education has stressed that universities should prioritise the delivery of in-person teaching. Staff supporting this work, along with those delivering essential campus and student support services, are also exempt from the work-from-home guidance.

If you need access to specialist facilities, research spaces, study areas, libraries or archives to conduct your research, you can continue to do so.

We welcome staff onto campus if they need to be here for general health and wellbeing or if they do not have appropriate facilities to work from home.

On campus? Get tested regularly

It is crucial that staff and students who visit campus or are on placement get tested regularly. We can all help protect vulnerable people in the community and on campus, and help drive rates down.

Symptom-free testing is available to all at Vedge Cafe, Wentworth College on Campus West and the Ron Cooke Hub on Campus East. You should:

  • get two tests a week, three days apart

  • fill in the relevant self-isolation form (below) if you test positive

Not sure what to expect at the testing centre on campus? We take you through the process step-by-step in this video produced by YSTV.

Student self-isolation form

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, have tested positive or share a household with someone who has, are asked to by track and trace, fill in this form.

Staff reporting self-isolation

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have entered self-isolation, you should let us know.

Maintain a Covid-secure campus

Seen something on campus that doesn't seem covid-secure? Whether it's about social distancing, an unsafe room layout, or missing signage or sanitiser, report it.

Find out about

Current rules and restrictions

Familiarise yourself with what you can and cannot do on the government's Covid restrictions web page.

Self-isolation advice and guidance

All you need to know about self-isolating; how to let us know and the services on offer to help you.

Recent emails, updates and messages

Keep up to date on the emails and messages we're sending out to our staff and students.

Current confirmed cases

As of the morning of Friday 14 January we are aware of 202 individuals within our University community and based in York who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive Covid-19 test.

We have around 4,500 members of staff and a student body of around 20,000.

For more data on Covid-19 cases in our community, take a look at our interactive chart. It's updated daily and includes a seven day rolling average from September 2020 to present.

The figures above are based on our current reporting arrangements with City of York Council and local public health teams. They are based on cases reported to us via our self-isolation reporting forms for students and staff, where those individuals have subsequently been tested and confirmed to have the virus. As of 26 October 2020, we report our Covid-19 cases data in alignment with our reporting to the Office for Students. We report data each week to reflect the previous week’s new cases.

Other sources of information about the number of cases in York and the surrounding area may show some variance from the figure above. This is because data published, for example by City of York Council or YorkMix, may be aggregated by month, or based on cases confirmed in geographic regions of the city by the NHS or other data sources. Variance may also exist because some members of our University community live outside the geographic regions covered by other data sources.

Use the dropdown boxes at the top of the chart to select a different date range, or switch between data for the date a case was reported and date individuals began self-isolation.


Individuals who have reported being affected will be self-isolating in line with Government guidance and we have additional self-isolation guidance for students.

Anyone who has been identified as being in contact with an affected person and needs to take action themselves will be contacted via track and trace mechanisms if they need to self-isolate.

Additional contacts

For most queries, please contact your department in the first instance, or use the following email addresses: