End of term arrangements

The Department for Education has provided guidance on end of term arrangements which will enable you to go home, or elsewhere, for the break if you wish.

We will also support you if you want (or need) to remain on campus during the holiday period, and make sure that you have access to the facilities and support that you require.

This page provides information on booking a rapid results test, travel advice, and staying in York, as well as information on teaching and the Spring term.

Getting a rapid results test

Working with the UK government and the NHS, the University is offering free rapid results covid testing to students with no symptoms who plan to leave York for other parts of the UK.

Your chosen departure date will help you decide when to book your tests as the government recommends you travel within 24 hours of receiving your second negative test.

Travelling home for the holiday break

The government requests that students who are going home for the winter break aim to depart campus between Thursday 3 December and Wednesday 9 December.

We would advise you begin booking your travel / arranging your journey to leave York within this window as soon as possible.

Staying in York

If you're staying in York over the winter break, we hope that you'll be able to relax and make the most of your break from your studying.

Most services will be running on campus for the vacation, albeit at a slightly reduced capacity. While there will be fewer people on campus over the winter break, dedicated staff will maintain our services for you.

Teaching, learning and research

Universities have been advised to move all learning online from Wednesday 9 December, so that students can take advantage of the travel window and continue studying remotely. This is not applicable here at York because our term finishes on Friday 4 December and some in-person teaching will continue until then across programmes.

Across the break where research or experiments need to continue, we have in place a comprehensive 'winter break protocol' that has been in place in previous years, but with added covid-secure restrictions for this year. Please talk to your supervisor about the specific arrangements for you department

Spring term

The Department for Education guidance confirms that the government wishes to make the return to higher education in January as safe as possible, and promises further guidance soon. So we are planning for our term to start, as scheduled, on Monday 11 January 2021. We will be sharing more details soon about what you can expect in January, how we will support your safe return, and how we will extend our warm welcome to new students arriving on campus with us in January.

Please keep in touch with your department for further news and continue to talk to your supervisors. For our PG researchers, please keep reviewing the YGRS homepage and YGRS Community Blog for the latest information.

Thank you!

We are proud of you and the resilience you have shown throughout this difficult time. We are committed to continuing to help and support you over this break, into next term and beyond.