Arrangements for Summer Term 2021

The Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions in England is continuing to progress. Find out more about current restrictions.

Teaching and learning

Due to continued Covid restrictions from the Government, we made the very difficult decision that the majority of teaching and learning will remain online for the Summer Term.

We know that you're keen to return to face-to-face teaching - and the sooner we can return to normality, the happier we will all be.

Why can't we fully return to face-to-face teaching in the Summer Term?

  • Guidelines: We're required to comply with government guidance, which limits what in-person experiences we can offer.

  • Safety: Covid-19 remains a real and present danger, particularly with the emergence of new, more easily-spread variants. Removing health and safety measures too soon is likely to result in more positive cases. Most University staff and the overwhelming majority of our students have yet to be vaccinated.

  • Space: While the two-metre social distancing rules remain in place, our teaching space capacity is severely limited. Many of the seminar rooms we regularly use to teach 12-15 students can now only hold 3-4 people.

  • Parity and equity: Approximately 25% of our students are from overseas. Many are studying from outside the UK, either because of travel restrictions or concerns for their own health. National vaccine programmes vary greatly in their timelines, and it's important that students who cannot be here in person are given the same opportunity to participate in their studies as those in the UK.

What if government guidelines change?

We may be allowed under government guidelines to have more in-person learning in the near future. We’ll continue to adapt to changes in guidance, and we look forward to having all our students back in the classroom, and on campus, as soon as we can.

What does this mean for my exams?

All exams and assessments will continue to be online for the rest of the 2020/21 academic year. You should make sure you aren't travelling when you’re due to be taking an exam or writing an assessment, however you can complete them in either location (on campus or at home). Study spaces are available on campus should you need them. Read our guidance for online exams.

We know that you will be anxious to hear more about assessment and adjustments, as well as mitigations for students. The University has announced a new set of measures to support students taking exams and submitting assessments during this academic year.

What about postgraduate researchers?

Our Research Contingency Group is following the Government roadmap and working with departments to help them actively manage a transition to increased research activity. This includes a gradual increase to building and lab occupancy, as well as research fieldwork restarting, with revised mitigations in place for Covid-19 security. We will share our progress as we take our next steps out of lockdown.

If you are in York, get tested

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not display symptoms, and therefore may be spreading the virus without realising. It is crucial that you get yourself tested using our on-campus facility. Testing is available to all symptom-free students, postgraduate researchers and staff in York.

  • If you visit campus regularly, are a placement student or are receiving in-person teaching, you should get tested regularly (two tests a week, three days apart).

  • If you’re living off-campus in York, we encourage you to get two tests (three days apart) so that you are not unknowingly contributing to any transmission of Covid-19.

  • We can all help protect vulnerable people in the community and on campus, and help drive rates down so that we can continue to ease restrictions during spring and summer.

Book your rapid result tests

Knowing when to self-isolate

  • If you are due to return to York and your household is self-isolating, you will need to self-isolate upon your arrival.

  • If you test positive or are showing symptoms of Covid-19 while away from university, you must stay where you are and self-isolate, as required by law.

You should let us know that you are self-isolating by filling out the online form.

We've put together a package of support to help you get through your self-isolation period if you need to take one while in York.

Fill out the self-isolation form to unlock:

  • activity packs

  • food packs based on your household's dietary requirements

  • a £40 e-voucher you can spend at retailers including Google Play, Spotify, Just Eat, Sky Store, Deliveroo and others.

Your college team will also ring to check in on how you're feeling and your wellbeing. If you need help with shopping, laundry (if you're on campus) or prescription collection, just ask.

Campus facilities

We want to reassure everyone that the University is not closed. Study spaces, the Library, accommodation, our on-campus supermarkets, on-campus catering, and student support services all remain available. We have reviewed our health and safety risk assessments, to ensure that we are operating as safely as possible in these difficult circumstances.

Our student support teams, including Open Door and Disability, Student Hub, Security, Colleges, Conduct and Respect, Academic Skills Support and Careers are still available to students online.

The Open Door and Careers teams (based in the Careers Building) and the Student Hub (based in the Information Centre) will have a presence on campus during the Summer Term.

The Security team remains on campus 24/7 to keep the campus safe for you. If you need any further information or support, please contact the Student Hub.

Lockdown rent arrangements

We have taken steps to support our students with accommodation..

Travelling to England from outside the UK

You must follow government guidance on what to do before travelling to England and follow all the guidance regarding quarantining upon arrival.

Financial support is available for international students coming to York for the first time.