Covid-19 rent arrangements

The Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions in England is continuing to progress. Find out more about current restrictions.

The health and wellbeing of students and staff is our first priority at all times.

Following the UK Government’s rules is an essential part of protecting yourself and other people.

In the light of this, we can confirm we have taken the following steps to support our students with accommodation, which replaces previous guidance issued in December 2020 around staggered returns.

Students living in private sector accommodation

We understand that those of you living in private rented accommodation may be experiencing financial difficulties. That’s why, working alongside the Vice Chancellor of University of York St John, Karen Bryan, we continue to lobby our local MPs to ask for support from the Government, for those of you who are unable to use your rented accommodation due to lockdown restrictions. Read our latest letter to the Minister for Universities, from our Vice-Chancellor and our Student Unions, and our letter to private landlords, letting agents and students in York about supporting students with accommodation costs.

If you’re facing financial hardship, we’d also like to remind you of the following help and support available:

Students living in University accommodation

With the government indicating a return to campus of 17 May at the earliest, we've extended out rent credit scheme to students living in university accommodation.

Due to the national lockdown and in light of the associated travel restrictions, if you are not using your room between the dates of 11 January (the start of Spring Term) and 17 May, you are entitled to a rent credit up to the date you come back.

If you are still living in your University accommodation, we expect you to continue to pay for the room you are still using.

We recognise some students may need to return earlier. If you feel your physical and mental wellbeing will be better served by returning to York, or if you do not have adequate study facilities at home (eg good wifi, equipment or study space), you may still return to campus. If you choose to return before 17 May, you will be eligible for a rent credit for the time after 11 January that you have not used your room.

What are rent credits?

Accommodation rent credits will be applied to your accommodation account for the time that you are not using your room, starting from 11 January 2021 until 17 May.

When applied, this credit will be deducted from any outstanding accommodation payments you owe, which means you’ll have less to pay for your next rent instalment.

The accommodation credits are a goodwill gesture and do not represent a change to the Terms and Conditions of Residence.

Please note, rent credits are only applicable up to the date of your first return back to campus - if you choose to leave your accommodation, you will not be credited for any further period(s) of absence.

How do I apply for credit?

You were sent an email (on Thursday 15 April) with a link to a rent credit form to complete by 18 April.

If you have missed the 18 April deadline please complete this form as soon as possible:

Applications submitted using this late submission form are not guaranteed to be processed prior to payment for the Summer term being requested.

The Rent Credit form is split into two parts for each of the rent credit periods, please complete both parts in full.

How much credit will I get?

You will only be credited for the time you have not used your accommodation between 11 January 2021 and 17 May 2021. Credits are only applicable up to the date of your first return back to campus - if you choose to leave your accommodation after returning, you will not be credited for any further period(s) of absence.

Due to instalment dates and the late notice given from the government, the rent credits will be split into two parts:

  • Rent Credit 1 (11 Jan - 19 April): Successful applications will be processed and added to your account between 19 April and 30 April.

  • Rent Credit 2 (20 Apr - 17 May): Successful applications will be processed and added to accounts during summer term and students will be updated with dates after the first round is completed

What happens after the government advice has been reviewed?

This agreement will be reviewed at the point at which the Government reviews its advice again,

We understand that many of you may wish to return to your accommodation if government guidance changes, but are unable to do so currently. We will communicate any further rent decisions at this time.

Any questions?

If you require any further information please get in touch with the Accommodation team at or +44 (0)1904 322165.