Thursday 19 November 2020

All staff and PGR email

Sharing Covid-19 student updates

Dear colleagues

We would like to share the two key updates we have very recently sent to UG and PGT students.

Spring Term

Charlie shared a video message for students today, to update on plans for the Spring Term. The email can be read here.

It reflects the update from Charlie to staff and PGRs (13 Nov), with the positive news about the promising developments of a coronavirus vaccine and plans for Spring Term.

Voluntary testing at the end of term

We also updated UG and PGT students last night with progress on the Government’s student mass rapid results testing scheme for the end of term from 30 Nov - 6 December.

The Government's focus for this initial mass testing scheme is students (including PGRs) who are planning to leave York during the student travel window (3 - 9 December).

We also recognise that staff and PGRs who may be traveling outside of this window or who are staying in York would also like an opportunity to be tested: once we are clear on the quantity of tests we will receive from the Department for Health and Social Care, and initial demand for tests, we will let you know if we are able to extend testing to other members of our University community.

We are also aware that this testing may not be suitable for everyone, especially for International PGRs wishing to travel at the end of term, as it’s been confirmed that the proposed rapid mass asymptomatic testing will not cover anyone to be declared 'fit to travel' overseas. You can find more advice on our coronavirus website and we will be writing to all international students (including PGRs) to give further information about what this means for international travel.

Best wishes,

Internal Communications